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Create a Truly Mindful User Experience to Take Your Company to its Next Growth Stage with our NX: Neural Experience™ Optimization Process

Integrate neurobiology into your brands' digital touch points to engineer more life-changing and spiritual experiences for your customers while turning their buying behaviors into rewarding ritual, and inspiring followers into influencers and congregates.

Is your company faced with any of these issues?

  • Are you losing market share? Your customer retention rate dwindling or overall onsite conversion rate falling?
    Are you launching a new product, brand, or website and are unsure how to best position it to your target audience?
  • Do you have underperforming ad campaigns or leaky sales funnels?
    Do you have multiple options for how to best position your company and are unsure which direction connects the best?
  • Unsure which design or copy will connect best with your target audience?

Stop being the brand that's so easily replaceable. Instead, become the company your customers can't live without.

Transform your brand from something that just sells a product or service based on utility, to a shiny beacon of hope that customers religiously rave about, by learning how to tap into the subconscious needs of your customers with NX Optimization.

Our NX evaluation is engineered to help you...
  • Tap into your customer’s meaning networks to cultivate a passionate culture around your brand using the neuroscience of brand engagemen

  • Increase your online engagement on all-fronts

  • Optimize your conversion rates and sales funnels by engaging their subconscious

  • Design better website UI, branding and copy around how the human mind actually works

  • Become the beacon of light in murky waters, by positioning your brand around what your customers truly subconsciously cares about

  • Engineer better buying rituals to increase your customer retention

  • Create a user experience with similar brain patterns that are found in religious experiences

We Help Your Brand and Technology Connect with Your Customers on a More Meaningful and Human Level to Drive Overall Brand Engagement and Sales.

Every company seeks to build higher engagement with their customers, yet they have little-to-no insight on how their customers’ brain actually works or much less, how to truly create a biological change within their neurobiology to drive more engagement and sales. We fill this gap with the NX optimization process. We integrate our team of trained neuromarketing experts, brand creators, copywriters, web, and software developers to create a biologically optimized user experience (NX) within your brand. From branding to user interface, we create a deeper, more meaningful experience that better connects your customer to your brand, not just to drive your immediate revenue, but to open the pathways of communicating the meaning, values and purpose of your brand so your brand transforms from just another business to a transformative experience that generates a massive following of raving fans.

About the NX Optimization Process

The NX Optimization process will take your user experience (UX) to a more human-level by using an ecosystem of neuroscience combined with a ecosystem of digital services to optimize your brand’s digital touch points with how your customers best learn, engage and connect with your brand. We call this integration Neural Experience (NX) and it's transformative for brands seeking to quickly achieve their next growth phase.

How It Works

Upon engaging with your brand, if a biological memory event doesn't occur in your customer's brain, a purchase will not likely be made. If a purchase is made and your product doesn't create a memorable experience (literally) customer retention is surely lost. We make sure your customers experience will inspire the right biological events in their neurobiology to increase your sales on-site, on-campaign, and beyond. The NX Optimization process is integrated through two neuroscience-based lenses...

Brand Perception Evaluation

We'll help you understand how your brand and customer touch points can be better positioned to biologically touch your audience and engineer better customer engagement.

UX Analysis

We evaluate your customers User Experience (UX), User Interface, ad campaigns, and any other customer journey to ensure your brand's touch points stimulate the subconscious, drive emotions and generate a truly memorable experience that will increase your sales.

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