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What Do We Do?

Very few websites operate at the intersection of design and cognition.
Instead, what we see is a lot of sites that are textually appealing but lacking in the elements that make the website experience visually pleasing and emotionally satisfying.
The latter are objectives associated with a concept called neuroscience.
At Neural Experience, what we do is integrate powerful neuroscience discoveries into your web design. Our goal is to design sites that quickly tap into your website visitors’ subconscious mind because it is the organism responsible for the bulk of decision-making.
In order to get it right, we have to give maximal consideration to two key metrics in the neuroscience equation: perception and attention.
Wordpress CMS

The deep expertise of our development team will manifest as anoptimally designed website that pushes the boundaries of creativity and appeal, using the most trusted CMS on the market: WordPress.

Mobile Responsive

By uniting strategic design with mobile optimization, we equip your brand with a website that raises the bar for what users expect from their mobile experience.


With the right mix of technologies at play, we’ll design a robust digital shopping experience that’s backed by elements that enhance functionality, UX, and upsell opportunities.

Q/A Testing

Develop. Test. Analyze. Improve. – in that order.
This helps your brand enhance its online appeal, scale and coverage.

Brands that appeal to multiple senses will be more successful than brands that focus on only one or two.

We capture insights by integrating neuroscience in your custom website design with guiding questions such as:

  • What type of content will your visitors gravitate to most? Least?
  • What mechanisms will trigger attention while a user is viewing your website?
  • How does your logotype add to or take away from users’ viewing experience?
  • How can visitors’ perception be optimized to result in predictable behaviors and responses?
After our deep dive, we then convey these insights in the development of your site—ensuring the final design is as targeted and intelligent as possible.


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    NX is always there with thoughtful insights, experience, and a willingness to create something truly worthwhile. I've worked with a lot of different firms and a ton of different developers, and he is by far the best in the biz.”

    — Chris R., UX Partner

  • “ Words cannot explain how amazing NX is (I could write pages and pages of great things to say). The concise version: Without him and his team, my company would not be where it is today. He has helped clean up past messes that other programmers have made, build dream functions on my business site, saved the day with unexpected issues, and his response time always goes above my expectations. When working with NX, he also becomes part of your vision and thinks of problems that you may not think of. I appreciate all his work and value his professionalism. He is an integral part of my company and its future growth, and I highly recommend his services.”

    — Kat Wong, Athos

  • “ We were referred to NX by a large web advertising agency in Sacramento, and we could not be more pleased. For a very reasonable fee, NX created a whole new, current technology ecommerce website using Wordpress, supported by a Woo Commerce back end. The site currently has more than 500 skus. NX was a dream to work with - responsive, and professional. His communication was proactive and helpful. Our new website is much easier to navigate, and delivers functionality that we only dreamed of before. Since NX worked his magic, our SEO scores have increased, our sales have more than doubled, and we get positive comments from our customers all of the time. His ongoing support is also both extremely good and reasonably priced. Just today, he was able to troubleshoot and help us repair a problem that had shut down the site -- within an hour of us contacting him! We intend to look for more ways to incorporate NX abilities into our business as our little business continue to grow. Hiring NX was one of the best moves we have made.”

    — Nick D, Local Spicery

Neuromarketing in Your Web Design

“Despite how effective neuromarketing has shown itself to be in moving website visitors to action, its potential remains relatively untapped in the web design of many brands and small businesses.
Don’t let your website be a part of that crowd.
In the same way the variables of your business align with your website (type of company, product or service, target audience, etc.), the elements of your site should directly appeal to visitors’ senses and trigger higher responses in the brain – responses that align with your brand’s end goal.”

Neural Experience is a web and software development agency that is cracking the code on optimal digital experiences with inventive design and neuroscience.

We’re not concerned with having the longest portfolio; we’re here to work with brands that want to redefine the way they appeal to their customers online.

We take pride in assembling neuroscience website assets that are strategically adapted to the needs of your audience, that harmonize with your business goals, and that supplement your brand’s reputation.

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