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Neural Experience combines digital marketing, website design with neuromarketing to better connect with your customers.

Welcome to Neural Experience (NX) – Where Technology Meets Humanity

You’re Going to Want our Digital Agency on Your Team

Let’s be real — most consultants suck. That’s why we do things differently. Instead of a project manager, we have a Project Captain. Sounds fun and pirate-y, right? Don’t worry, we won’t pick one of you to be the parrot. But of course, it’s not actually about the title, but our approach. We create custom solutions for your business for all things digital. We created a whole new category of User Experience called Neural Experience, or NX. We integrate neurobiology (how brain cells function and affect behavior) into UX, transforming your marketing and creating custom solutions for all of your digital needs.

Past Performance Indicators

Formerly Jay Nine Inc., we’ve been revolutionizing technology for 12 years

$ Million

Our software powers over $200 million dollars of annual revenue


Our marketing team averages 180% return on every dollar invested


We’ve developed 1000+ websites & software projects and counting

Companies We’ve Worked With

Our Neuroscience-based Digital Marketing Solutions Give Your Company’s Growth a Kick in the Pants

We use a proprietary neurobiological optimized digital marketing, as a transformative solution in neuromarketing, to solve your digital roadblocks. Are we from the future? No. But we do use marketing tools that leverage cutting edge research in brain function to optimize your digital strategy. We provide full turnkey, read-to-integrate solutions for your business, while complementing your in-house team and filling in your marketing gaps.

The NX Analysis

Yes, more big sciency words. But all it means is this: we use neurobiology to revolutionize your customers’ buying journey. We’ll work alongside your in-house team, or even build a team for you. From branding and market positioning, to website UX and UI, videos, social media, email marketing and advertising, we have solutions to incorporate the newest research on neurology and user experience into your business. Sometimes being a little sciency isn’t so bad!

Our Digital Makerting Strategy is Epic

How do we use campaigns to drive higher returns by creating biological change? We use our expertise in digital marketing strategies to create a fully digital ecosystem for digital marketing, to grow your business. If you get excited by the idea of increasing your market capture speed, reach, and search visibility, and reducing your sales cycle and costs, talk to us! Because that’s what gets us excited too. And we are here to make that happen for you.

“ Indispensable is one of the many words that come to mind when I describe the services NX brings to me. I’ve been with them for three years and I can say without hesitation that they have made such a huge difference for me and my script consulting business. Knowledgeable, easy to talk to, responsible, supportive, diligent, extremely trustworthy. A true renaissance company in the area of web marketing and SEO . The quality of their services is beyond measure.”

— Wayne McLean

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