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Our Boulder SEO Company Will Maximize your online visibility & Make it easier for your customers to find you

Whether you’re new to SEO and don’t know much beyond those three letters or you’re well-versed and looking to go deeper in your optimizations, we’re here to help.

Get started with your free 30-minute SEO consultation, where we’ll discover the inner workings of your website.  From ranking and structural factors to best practices for your SEO strategy – plus, we’ll delve into more technical items that can give you an advantage in rankings, including:

Get started with your free 30-minute SEO Plan consultation.

We Pride Ourselves on Being the Top Boulder SEO & Digital Marketing Company Because We Understand Google’s Search Algorithm and the importance of Your Business Growth Tomorrow and Beyond

We are a Boulder, Colorado SEO & Digital Marketing Company located in Boulder, CO and love the people and the area. It’s a pleasure to serve and help grow our Boulder clients who own businesses of all shapes, sizes, and services. Knowing ROI is the most important metric. We use an integrative approach and combine our digital marketing services to boost your business growth online in the near future and the long term. 

Our local SEO services and can rank your website faster for local, regional and even national searches. Our methods of ranking your website are more sustainable because we use a number of proprietary techniques in understanding the neural networks of search engine ranking algorithms, what Google values most in the rankings of your website and your competitor’s websites, technical and performance enhancements of your website, how your content is structured, content development, and link acquisition from other websites that Google gives high authority to, your pages will rank higher in local search results and you acquire new customers.

Why Is SEO Important for Boulder Businesses?

Among other digital marketing strategies, SEO is typically the most profitable traffic you will find because it is a key opportunity to acquire new customers for small-to-medium-sized businesses in the Boulder, Colorado area. Any type of local business in the Boulder area, including the neighborhood plumbing shop to doctor’s offices and professional services offices, benefit from a well-made website and sound SEO strategy. Growing organic traffic means new clicks to your site, more leads, new customers, and new sales. 

Every page on your website serves a fundamental purpose for your customers. However, there are a few key pages, called “cornerstone pages” and “landing pages”, that drive the majority of your organic traffic.

These landing pages acquire a large percentage of your traffic due to where they rank in Google and Bing search, and typically describe your products or services offered. By optimizing these pages for secondary or tertiary keywords focused on your targeted locations, as well as ensuring your primary keyword is front and center for your customers, you give your website the ability to increase its organic traffic.

The NX Process for Boulder SEO Results

Start with the Basics

A solid SEO program begins with a well-built website developed on a Google-friendly framework. Most small businesses operate sites on homegrown systems or they leverage WordPress’s content management system. First, we’ll perform a technical audit of your site’s architecture, analyzing each page, the template you’re using, site speed, etc. This technical audit provides a comprehensive benchmark of your site’s current SEO health.

Where is the Opportunity?

Next, we’ll take a look at the current keyword portfolio and identify key opportunities through keyword research and analyzing competitors. To do so, we use a variety of proprietary tools and the Google Keyword Planner. Not only will we find the primary keywords you need to target and from which pages, we’ll also optimize for secondary and tertiary key phrases. With a solid site foundation and research to work from, the next piece is content optimization.

Your Content Strategy Is Key

Most small business sites have thin content and lack the presence of a blog, both of which are vital to search engine optimization. We take a holistic view of your site’s content, identify the current opportunities and implement content solutions to capitalize on the opportunities. Content truly is king for SEO, but it also needs the right plan and execution strategy to work well.

Your Off-Page SEO Strategy

While this 3-phase approach addresses all of the on-page areas you’ll want to cover, you definitely don’t want to sleep on your off-page presence too. Off-page SEO includes your backlink portfolio, acquisition of new links and your activity on social media. We also claim and optimize your Google My Business page and make several local citations on the web to improve visibility in Google’s local 3-pack of results.

The Results $$$

What truly matters with any SEO campaign? The ROI of growing your business.

While working through the aforementioned phrases, we track rankings, overall impressions in Google searches, your indexation rate (how many keywords you are ranking for and how high), how you rank in comparison to your competition, the amount of new traffic coming to your website, and your conversion rate (How many people are clicking and calling your business from Google). All of these measurements are packaged together in a LIVE report that you can easily review at your convenience with the click of a button.

How Long Does it Take to See SEO Results?

Most of our SEO campaigns take 90-120 days to show full results, but some clients see total transformation in their business within the first month of working with us. Either way, rest assured, you are building toward long-term success for your business.

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Why Hire NX As Your Next Local Boulder SEO Agency

We love helping local businesses become successful online because it also means we’re successful. Using neurobiology we have an understanding of the neural networks of Google’s ranking algorithm. We understand the logic of its algorithm and will likely be able to rank and drive more customers to your website faster and sustainably over time.

Long-Term Results You Need

The right SEO program means long-term results and organic traffic growth. SEO is a significant investment, but it’s important to understand it provides results that deliver a positive ROI and make you successful online over a longer time frame. Unfortunately, there are no “quick wins” with SEO, but you will find lasting results you need.

We Strive to Be Boulder Best SEO Agency

We try to put ourselves in your position, the business owner, and the position of your customers. Whether you are just starting or a long-standing family-run organization that has been in business for 20+ years, or a large franchise enterprise. We are here to help. We’ll explain to you how SEO works, how it is having a tremendous impact on your business and why it is necessary to be competitive in today’s digital world. We do our best to learn as much about your business as possible before kicking off any new campaign so that we rank you for in-markt searches that your customers are actually using to find your business online and we can be truly aligned with your goals.

Think of us as your marketing advisor rather than just another Boulder SEO company. By assuming this role, we are better able to advise on the budget required to compete with other sites, quickly identify any potential blockers to your campaign and recommend other digital marketing strategies you can use to be successful.

Transparent SEO Results, Always

Transparency is key to a successful SEO campaign and partnership with our clients. We want to educate you on anything you would like to know about SEO (or any form of marketing strategy for that matter), provide the reporting you need for any stakeholders involved in your business and answer any questions you have any time. We take client satisfaction very seriously and proudly offer full-transparency in our reporting. From ranking reports to traffic trends and everything in between, it’s our goal for you to be as comfortable as possible.

We’re Also Your Friendly Boulder Web Design and Development Company

Any successful SEO campaign begins with a well-constructed website on a Google-friendly framework. Some businesses are just starting out with a new domain while others need an existing site completely overhauled. In either case, consider us your go-to Boulder web design experts.

Boulder Web Design & Development

We create websites for Boulder-area businesses (like yours) on WordPress and develop e-commerce sites through WooCommerce or Shopify. Any site we develop is fully-functional, tested on all browsers, responsive (built for desktop, tablet and all mobile devices) and always developed with search engine optimization tactics in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions About Boulder SEO

90% of all search traffic for your business starts with a Google search. Google receives millions of search queries every day and many of these mention local Sacramento businesses. If your website isn’t shown in results, you could be missing out on new customers. And while several tools exist to help small business owners (like you) get started with digital marketing, it requires a certain level of expertise to really deliver impactful results.

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) requires advertisers to pay for each click they receive on a text ad in Google. Conversely, SEO places sites in organic listings where the clicks are essentially FREE. By driving up your rankings you will receive more organic traffic, you save money on paid ads and ultimately have a better ROI (Return on Investment) for your digital marketing efforts. Over time, your organic traffic will produce the highest ROI of all your digital marketing revice channels.

Optimization techniques take time, expertise and precision. We have to dig into your existing website, identify any technical issues it may face, clean up the current content you have and develop an ongoing content plan to position you as a viable competitor in local Boulder, CO search results. Most of the upfront on-page work is done in the first 30 days of an SEO contract, followed by ongoing optimizations and developing a long-term off-page campaign to help promote the site.

We handle SEO campaigns on a retainer basis with minimum contracts starting at $800 per month. If you operate in a highly competitive niche with difficult keyword targets, we need to dedicate more time to your account which requires a higher retainer.

We inform all of our clients of a realistic timeframe for their campaigns. In most cases, changes we make to your site today do not show results in Google for 60-90 days. This timeframe may be longer or shorter depending on the sites you compete with, the keywords you wish to rank for and the difficulty of the changes made to your site.

We offer 3-month minimum contracts (90 days to really show progress) and depending on how much work is required, contracts can last up to 12 months or more. In most scenarios for small businesses, contracts are 3-6 months

On-page SEO involves two key factors:

  1. Technical enhancements so Google knows how to best organize your website and rank you for the keywords your customers are using to find your business and content development.
  2. Technical enhancements include understanding how your site is crawled by Google today and capitalizing on any opportunities to preserve crawl budget, improve page speed, resolve broken code on the site, etc. Next, we improve your content through keyword research, competitor research and building out new pages to help you rank.

We provide transparent reporting so you know exactly how your campaign is performing and how pages rank in Google. You also receive monthly reporting showing increased impressions, clicks and conversions. We’ll align our reporting with your internal analytics tracking (typically Google Analytics) and set up dashboards you need to fully understand how our changes impact your site’s traffic.

This is a common question with an easy answer – what would happen if any of these pages closed down tomorrow? You need to manage your own branding and communication with customers through your own website. SEO is aimed for long-term planning whereas we can’t determine the future of Facebook, Yelp, Thumbtack, Angie’s List, etc.

Additionally, you cannot control which key phrases you show for in Google on a Yelp page or Facebook page. There are people searching for businesses like yours in Google right now, but you need a website and SEO strategy to make sure you have a presence.

Because we do not own Google or its proprietary algorithms, we do not guarantee your rankings. In fact, no SEO expert can or should offer a guarantee. We’ll deliver a plan that sets you up for long-term success, keep your site on track with any algorithm updates from Google and be as transparent as possible about your results.

Yes, we have an office in the region, and absolutely love the people and area of Boulder. One of the reasons we are an SEO and digital marketing company in Boulder is to help the local business owners in Boulder thrive online. It’s the most rewarding thing we do! To be able to quickly grow a local business online and watch what business owners expand into new buildings, buy new homes, and build sustainable business models.



  1. Parts of Woody Allen’s movie “Sleeper” was filmed at the National Center for Atmospheric Research.
  2. Baseline road marks the 40th parallel on world maps and cartographers and Boulderites alike know it as a significant east-west route.
  3. Boulder’s Third Flatiron is 1,400 feet high (higher than the Empire State Building) and has been climbed by (different) people without using their hands, on roller skates, and in eight minutes.
  4. According to a Gallup study, Boulder was the Happiest City In The US
  5. A poll found that 70% of Boulderites own bicycles. 
  6. The area is the largest beer-producing triangle in the world, with Coors and Anheuser-Busch nearby and 20 local microbreweries in the area.

How to Hire A Boulder SEO Agency

Hiring a new agency to manage your digital marketing comes with many questions and concerns as you do your proper due diligence. You want to make sure you’re getting the services you need along with transparent results and exceptional account service, all at a cost that makes the most sense for your business.

If you are new to hiring a 3rd party SEO or digital marketing agency, be sure to see this helpful video from Google’s Maile Ohye.

Pricing for Local Boulder SEO Plans

Local SEO plans for Boulder businesses begin at $500 / month for a 3-month minimum contract. We offer Starter, Intermediate and Pro packages:

Keyword Research
Meta Data Updates
Technical Audit
Claiming, Optimizing Google My Business
Google Analytics, Google Search Console Setup
Directory Listings & Citation Management
Blog Setup
Implement Structured Data Markup
Monthly Content Development
Monthly Backlink Development
Rank & Traffic Reporting

We always recommend the right package based on the keywords you want to target and the competition in local Boulder, CO search results. The pricing of an SEO package is determined by the keywords you wish to target, the industry you represent and how competitive the market is.