Is Neuromarketing Based on Actual Science?

During your marketing research, you may have come across something called “neuromarketing” and you may be wondering how it could help your company?

Neuromarketing as a science emerged in 2002, and it has changed the marketing landscape. Company management now looks at advertising in a completely different way. For example, Coca-Cola has such faith in this method that they even built an in-house lab to carry out research.


If marketing giants like Coca-Cola and Ford are investing in neuromarketing, it shows there is very likely a huge benefit.

Advancements in neuroscience and marketing research can transform every aspect of a business. For example, companies are able to access incredible new advancements in neuroscience and use them to build better their brand experience.

In fact, many multinational corporations already use neuromarketing in their campaigns. But is it affordable or practical for your business?

The answer is a resounding yes. In this article, you’ll learn why major brands use neuroscience. You’ll also find out how it can help any business communicate more effectively with customers.

Read on to find out all you need to know about this remarkable marketing advancement.

What Is Neuromarketing?

Neuromarketing involves examining how the brain reacts to certain stimuli. These stimuli could be colors, images, text size, sounds, and other aspects that can evoke a behavioral response. 

In order to measure brain activity, researchers can use advanced medical technologies–these include functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), electroencephalography (EEG), and eye-tracking technology, and research psychology, and research in behavior science (to name a few).

These devices can identify which parts of the brain react to specific stimuli. They can then deduce why people make decisions and which part of the brain is telling them to take that option.

The benefits of neuroscience have been clear for many years in the health and scientific fields. But now, marketing researchers are tapping into this powerful approach. 

Is Neuromarketing a Legitimate Science?

The marketing industry contains plenty of questionable information. Therefore, it is natural to ask, ‘is neuromarketing a science?’. Fortunately, there have been many research studies that confirm this is a legitimate technique. For example, this study found some unexpected results.

While people rated video segments to be more engaging than audio, this was not how their brains reacted. These findings do not mean respondents were being dishonest. Instead, it seems they experienced a different thought process to their biological response.

This is a fascinating area that could have a huge effect on marketing strategies.

In addition, this study identified that negative framing could attract more attention. But it can also make decision-making more difficult. Therefore, even though this framing type may bring more visitors to your website, it is unlikely to result in more actual sales.

Many businesses and SEO companies focus mainly on getting website visitors, but this research suggests that that can be a rather ineffective use of their advertising budget.

How Neuromarketing Is Changing Modern Marketing

The above insights are two examples that provide marketers with information they could not previously gather. In the past, the best way to gauge people’s reactions to marketing strategies was to ask customers for their responses. 

Using focus groups and questionnaires were popular methods. But, these were not scientific and had crucial flaws. For example, participants would not want to offend a marketer by saying they did not like their ideas.

By analyzing brain activity, companies can now use science to accurately pre-plan their advertising campaigns. Although the results are tested in a lab, the results can apply to the real world.
Neuromarketing: The new science of consumer decisions | Terry Wu | TEDxBlaine

Uses of Commercial Neuromarketing

There are virtually unlimited uses for neuromarketing across every industry. For example, businesses are now focusing more on online digital marketing. In this scenario, neuromarketing could help with website development

You may believe you can choose the colors, fonts, and designs that will appeal to a wide range of customers. You could also employ a standard marketing company to help you with this aspect. 

But, how do you really know you’ve made the right decisions? Websites cost a considerable amount of money to design and maintain, so getting it wrong could be disastrous for your bottom line.


How Neuromarketers Use Data

Rather than asking for subjective options, you can use neuromarketing to ensure you make the most effective choices when trying to maximize meaningful engagement with your customer. You can see how participants’ brains react to various factors and amend these elements to be more effective in helping them.

Many companies with a physical storefront often use smells to draw people into their shop. But, what if the scents you choose actually have a negative effect on a lot of customers.  They may not even be aware of this because it is in their subconscious. However, the end result is that they avoid your store and go to a competitor. 

But, with neuromarketing, you can get a deeper insight into customers’ reactions to each stimulus in your store. This data can then guide your marketing strategy so you can enjoy a better return on your advertising investment.

Some of the biggest companies in the world already know the value of neuromarketing and invest time and resources in it to grow their business.


How a Neuromarketing Agency Can Help

Modern marketing focuses on concepts such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and Google Ads. You also need to have a firm understanding of your target market.

professional neuromarketing agency can carry out studies using advanced techniques. They can then advise on exactly what receives the most positive responses. 

They can also help you amend your current strategies to become more effective. This means you can get ahead of your competitors even when you are spending less money.


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